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Christine MacInnis

Private Client Group

Growing up in a family that owned and operated a small business, Christine learned early on what it takes to keep a business running. "I grew up watching my parents work 15-hour days," she says. "You have a different perspective when you grow up working in a small, family-run business. That was our livelihood. Customers came first."

Christine's early experience in her family's business taught her the importance of sound financial management. "I learned respect for hard-working people and for their money," she says. "That's why I like working here. I like helping people who've worked hard for their money to get where they want to be."

Christine brings her strong work ethic, an eye for detail, and talent for multitasking to the Private Client Group. She provides direct support to the group working with Flagship Wealth Advisors' clients. She's known as a can-do team player who always goes the extra mile, no matter how big or small the project.

Christine is a valuable member of the Flagship Wealth Advisors team, and her easy-going personality helps clients feel right at home. She assists clients with opening their fee-based accounts, meeting with them here, or traveling to meet them. She provides clients with ongoing support and communication.

In addition to supporting the Private Client Group, Christine works closely with Paul V. Ryan, Jr., CFP® in matters related to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance. She works with Paul across the practice to ensure compliance with all Federal and State policies, procedures, and regulations. She also assisted Paul in his Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) work with the firm's group of Northeast Independent Financial Representatives. 

A Boston-area native, Christine joined the firm in 2005. She has a knack for engaging people in conversation and making them feel welcome. "I love work with our team and meeting our clients," she says. "I enjoy hearing our clients' stories, and learning more about them."

Christine is continually working on her own professional development, which makes her a valuable asset to our practice. She attended the Advisor Group's Women's Conference in Miami Beach, Florida. She's also a Notary Public. 

Prior to joining the firm, Christine worked in the medical manufacturing industry as a buyer-planner. She has studied at Middlesex Community College, Merrimack College, and Northeastern University. When she's not in the office, Christine enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, walking, and reading. Her kids are active in sports, with Christine providing transportation and pep talks. She also serves as a board member on her church and enjoys volunteering—particularly doing charitable work that involves lending a hand in the kitchen. Christine is a great team player with infectious energy, which is why clients enjoy working with her. You'll see! 

Christine is not registered with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. or Flagship Wealth Advisors, LLC.

Phone: 781-224-9924 ext. 17
Fax: 781-224-9920
Email: Christine@FlagshipWA.com