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Veronica Caulfield

Client Relations Manager

Veronica is your go-to person when you entrust your business to Flagship Wealth Advisors, LLC. As our Client Relations Manager and member of the Private Client Group, Veronica works closely with Paul, our group of advisors, and our clients. She serves as a liaison between clients and our office, ensuring clients have everything they need to stay informed and up to date.   

"We pride ourselves on exceptional client services," Veronica says. She's often a client's first point of contact at Flagship Wealth Advisors. She establishes and monitors client accounts, schedules meetings, maintains and updates client files, generates reports, and facilitates client communications.

If you have questions, Veronica will get them answered. If you need something, she'll take care of your request. "I'm a big follow-up person," she says. "I don't just assume things get done. I make calls and keep clients posted." (She'll also pick up the phone to wish clients a Happy Birthday, because little things matter.) She's known for her warmth, empathy, and patience —and for her reassuring, calm presence. Veronica keeps things running smoothly.

Veronica has built her career working in client relations and executive support. Prior to joining Flagship Wealth Advisors in 2000, Veronica worked for 10 years in the travel industry as a travel consultant who provided support for the President, CEO, and Director of Operations.

She brings her professionalism and commitment to client service to her work here every day. "I enjoy helping our clients feel comfortable here and gaining their trust," she says. No matter how busy her day, Veronica finds time to talk with clients and make sure they feel cared for.

Veronica stays current in financial news and industry developments. "I'm always learning new things." She also became a Notary Public to better serve our clients.

Veronica is a native of the Boston area. When she isn't in the office, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her three children. Veronica is a dedicated, competitive runner who's finished the Boston Marathon 12 times. She’s also completed the Chicago Marathon three times, finishing each race in under 4 hours. With energy that won't quit, Veronica keeps our clients connected, informed, and on track. 

Phone: 781-224-9924 ext. 10 

Fax: 781-224-9920

Email: Veronica@FlagshipWA.com